20 Best Programming Language for web development

IEEE make a list of top Programming Languages: Python and more
Best 20 Programming Languages for Web Development
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Like other organizations and analyst firms who analyze data every year, IEEE Spectrum produces a list of the top programming languages. They collected 11 matrics from more than 8 sources including Stack Overflow, Twitter, Reddit, IEEE, GitHub, CareerBuilder, etc. Actually, it is a unique list that breaks down languages by use case to see you which languages are popular for web mobile and embedded development. Let’s discuss some best programming language for web development.

Best Programming Language for Web Development—

Best 20 Programming Languages for Web Development
Programming Language stats

Top Programming Language —

This graph will show global tending programming languages including every platform like Web, Mobile, Embedded, and Enterprise.

Best 20 Programming Languages for Web Development
Programming languages stats

Process —

IEEE pulls 300 programming languages from GitHub, top languages search results from google and it generates a list of 53 languages. The language’s respective popularity is gauged using 11 matrics including IEEE’s own job site and Xplore digital library.
Ever programming language ranking has its own vulnerabilities and quirks.

Example: — TIOBE Index critics that it’s a better reflection of a language that its actual usage and also it relied on some sources like YouTube and Wikipedia

This ranking comes with which programming languages are drawing most of the developer’s time and attention that means they will likely remain in use for quite some time to come at least the most popular ones such as Python and Java. (There’s likely nothing to say about CoffeeScript’s dismal IEEE rating.) That’s is really crucial to know if you want to be a web developer.

Kotlin has ranked above longtime web-centric programming languages like Perl but it is a primarily used language for android development and it’s quite versatile and utilized for backend work to SDKs. 
Will it got the ranks enough to seriously threaten Java? 
Some events from quite some time ago given java a dominant position.

So now you know what is the best programming language for web development.

Those of some experience can make you focus on writing faster code, debugging, and other advanced skills.

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