Data Science or AI would be a better choice for a Master’s Degree

Best choice for your better future in this top-two trends

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Artificial Intelligence and data science both have emerged as a popular carrier choice. Not only do they are aspirant for large scale automation, but they are also agnostic and labeled as highly lucrative.

It is no wonder then that a slew of master’s programs offering specializations in these two disciplines has emerged over a decade. Artificial intelligence courses and data science both are plenty but have to choose which one should take you so far.

Understanding the AI and data science:

Artificial intelligence, which enables very real-world applications faster and less error output. Machine Learning, a subset of Ai which makes applications more accurate by some data.
On the other hand, Data Science uses Machine Learning which helps to extract insight and make future predictions of these technologies like big data analytics, cloud computing. And also it uses AI to solve big problems for the organization. Both have a big role in business and this potential makes the university launch this type of master’s program.

To choose which one would be a better choice for you, you have to choose based on your carrier goal and aspirations.

Why choose Data Science:

Application using big data, there is a legitimate use for data science and most of the industries always collect customer’s and product’s information, data science would be greatly helpful.

According to the report, Data Scientists’ demand is growing by 200% last year.

Before landing a course towards a carrier in data science, you have to understand the needed skills to do well on this course and to land a good job. Aspirants need these skills –

  • Be fluent in programming languages like Python, R, etc.
  • Have a deep knowledge of the statistical method.
  • Good understanding of data mining and cleaning.
  • Some big data tools such as Apache Spark, Hadoop, Lumify, etc.
  • Knowledge of data management technique.

The potential of data science is vast and can create a big impact on the industry, as well as quality and quantity of data usage should be credible and significant and respectively. A little fault in your data modeling can misleading results. AI contributes to the ML stack as well as an organization. To deploy an ML model, it can give you additional skills.

Why choose AI:

Machine learning has the ability to solve problems and create a real-world application to have proven its resourcefulness in even saying lives and solving the puzzling problem in cybersecurity, healthcare, and many others. It can automatically make informed decisions and predictions and greatly simplifying simple issues.

There need some skill sets to be the most advanced in AI –

  • Fundamentals of computer science
  • Through understanding and application of algorithms
  • Natural language processing skills
  • Data evaluation and statistical modeling
  • Data architecture design

ML algorithm is greatly reliant to train by data and its outcome becomes good as the information and practical application are paramount.

I think this information would help to choose a better option. Any advice in your mind to improve this article, let me know your response below.

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