Fastest way to learn anything in 4 steps

These simple technique help to be a fast learner

Fastest way to learn anything in 4 steps
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Let’s play a game, You also know some people like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Cuban, Mark Jukarbark, etc. Just tell me one thing that what was the common thing of them. Maximum of people and maybe you will say they are billionaires, famous, American and etc. But let me tell you one common thing what most people missed that they are masters of their field. They are master because they are passionate, Confident, Hardworking also have had a clear goal. Again there was something missed, that is they are good learners, leering of knowledge, so they always like to read books.

Unlike them, all successful people have the same gunny. They always tried to learn new things.

Recently, Elon Mask said that on an interview — 
I was raised by books first, then by my parents.

Just think that what books impact their life, that why he told that. Normal people beliefs to learn from only school and colleges, but they beliefs life long learning what makes themselves great.

Your learning ability is of the single most important thing which will define your future, Success, and income.

If you want to be and become a fast learner, you could be the most successful person. A no income person can be an overpaid employee and a no business person can be a business tycoon.

Learning gives you unfair advantage compared to others. Because by learning, you gain other experiences, hard work by wasting a bit of time. So at this time, you should ask how to become a fast learner? and how to learn anything? It can be anything like business skills and others.

Let’s discuss a life story —

A little boy called “Nissant”, who has really bad memory. He always forgets things even when he goes somewhere, always forgot bicycles, bags, goods. But a miracle happens, his fathers never expects that this dull boy can break a record of memory.

He breaks a Guinness record, where he reminds 1944 random sets of numbers, reminds random decad cards within two minutes, and remembers a random sequence of record. Actually he was the grandmaster of memory in 2003. It was an outstanding achievement for a special boy who had not a good brain.

In his book, he proposed these 4 simple steps by which help him to achieve this special goal —

1. Deep learning:

Nissan” sais, Fast learning is all about output not only input. Maximum people just focus on input, never on output.

Example — At high school standard, I want to be a beatboxer. I always watching videos, read articles, but actually never spent big time on practical. So I made a good knowledge of it but never became very good at it. Like me, it mostly does the same thing.

Learning never bad, at least you will stay in front of others but it’s not enough, you have to prioritize your output means practice. That is called Shallow learning. It’s not effective and acts like entertainment. You have to focus on output means deep learning, it will be more output-based. Always give 100% attention to learn and say goodbye to multitasking, it helps to improve quality retention.

2. Reflect:

Learn one thing and reflect on your work is better than learning thousand of things. Means read and learn one thing and be better every day on this thing and think that how where to apply these things. It can be in your work, relationship, health, and anywhere. Then it will fit solid thinking on your brain.

3. Implement:

Only 1% of people do these things and the other 99% always ignore it. 99% of people learn and thought they learned something good. After that, they went to some other things where they learned more better things about what they feel better and knowledgable and as a cycle, it going on. And unfortunately, they got stuck one day throughout this running process. Actually it binds someone in an illusion that is called “Illusion of competence”. What you should do? Just make a plan of your implementation that you have learned.

A bit of Action is better than no Action.

4. Share:

What I do in my college life, that is known as “Feynman Technique”. In a nutshell, it says that what you learn, teach others. Because of it, on your brain, it fitted better. Actually many students do that to their friends, just by teaching their friends. It is my personal experience.

If you are giving x amount of time in input then you must give 2x amount of time in output.

Always believe that everything that you learned will benefit you anyway. Of course, you should learn something according to your carrier goal to achieve it fast and you should do smart work along with hard work.

Let me know your thinking about it as a response.

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