How does Computer Program think?

It based on only logic unless human, Let’s discuss it
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I don’t know you are a computer programmer or not, but you should know that every programmer had to explore their thoughts by computer using their common known programming language. Every human has sentiments, but the computer has no sentiments and the computer only can think about the logical process. Let’s take apart AI and Machine Learning because they are some in-between deep concepts.

How to code approach a problem: —

Actually code will approach a problem depends on how the creator designed it. This problem can be solved by a brute force approach or a specific approach using some trick. Every program’s selected approach will depend on its time and space complexity. But it can’t think like a human.

You should see these videos to understand how actually a code thinks.

Think like a Coder

Here full Playlist —

Probably you got good knowledge about it. These videos are awesome.

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