Is Online Learning College a Scam?

The right course make your future bright, but bad one can waste your time and money!
Is Online Learning College a Scam?
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Nowadays, the online course is a good way to read and learn new skills. So the online education business is growing too fast. Everyone just trying their hands in this online education field. Always you can see per day a new website, that selling their courses on the internet with some price grace.

Before getting into about some scams of online courses, Let’s see some pros and cons of Online education.

Some Advantage of Online Education:-

  • Time Flexibility: Your classes are available for 24 hours and 7 days for a week. You can take class at anytime and from anywhere. Online education give you the flexibility to do other activity as you want.
  • Individual Attention: Here teacher or the institute can track every student and see their stat that how they are progressing. But in any institute, individual tracking or attention is not possible. So it is very good advantage.
  • Life-long Learning: For a normal person, education from an offline institute is limited. Because you have to take some responsibility, so you can’t go to institution instead of job or work. But you can learn from online and it will available on your time.

Some Dis-advantage of Online Education:-

  • Time-Consuming: Think of it, If you need to ask some question your instructor, then you have to post about your problem. Yaa, it happens sometimes that you ask some question but instructors are not there, so you have to wait for this particular problem until they answer you or you found yourself on the internet.
  • Time-management skills needed: You have to be a pro to manage your time perfectly. If you don’t manage your time, you will automatically give much time to your work or course work. You will easily get bored. Boreness can make you leave the study and the can be dangerous for you.
  • Make you Isolate: It kind of makes you feel that you are in an isolation chamber. No one can hear your voices, no real friends, etc. Actually, I am trying to say that study time is a very enjoyable part of life. If you do online study, you will never feel it. And it is important for a student.
  • Responsible for Your Own Learning: For an adult can be responsible for their own study. But for children, it is likely not possible. But online classes will treat you as an adult and they will never give a shit about what you are doing.
Is Online Learning College a Scam?
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There are many other pros and cons can put in this list. These are the main thing according to me.

A normal person who wants to read or learn new skills, they just bemused on this website. After taking this course they never get what they want to learn. Actually, it’s my personal experience. Obviously, a student from the middle class always tries to get something at a low price.

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Secondly, you don’t know who is teaching, they can be a still learner this thing what they teaching you. It’s not the problem, problem is that they don’t have the experience in this domain. But an experienced teacher can serve their experience to you and it can help you to push forward at some point.

Some eLearning/online learning Scams:-

  1. Academies Non-existant: On internet anyone can launch online course as a fake education center. Sometimes they launch course before orignal course launch. Otherwise they make you monthly payment subscription commitment. And you get trap on that.
  2. Fake Qualification: They promise you to provide professional qualification. After at last the fail to provide the correct cretification or degree or license.
  3. Empolyment Promises: They guareentee to give you the perfect skillset that will make your employment.

There are also many other scams like Rogue Conference, Poor quality courses, etc. Just need you to get aside from this type of scams. That only depends on you and you only. If persons like you are aware of it, then this type of scam will not appear on market. So, always remember that everything in this universe stating from you only! (Of course, don’t take it badly!)

So, I am going to give you some tips that how to avoid these type of scams.

How to Avoid eLearning Scams?

  • Always look for every hidden fees. Read properly terms and conditions. Mostly they charge an all encompassing annual fees.
  • If you don’t want to finish any course, don’t buy sight unseen.
  • Don’t see that who and how many people taking course. Mostly people fooled by this list.
  • Never select a multi-year course locking contraact.
  • Don’t use referral link. Mostly they fool you by the name of spacial discount. Because who give this referal link, academics have to give him/her a commission, so this commission comes from your money. So mostly it fakes a spacial discount.

Here we discussed that how to be aware of some eLearning scams. So be safe and make other safe.

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So, always buy the course from some good and trusted website, and which gives a valuable certificate. Always made some research on the internet and make a decision.

According to my, some trusted websites to take a course- Coursera, edx, udacity, udemy, etc.

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