JavaScript is The World’s Most In-Demand IT Skill

Most desired programming language of the decade.
Maybe that's why this it skills in demand
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EcmaScript was the original name of JavaScript, most in-demand it skills. Its name changed to gain popularity on the heels of Java. Actually Java is the biggest competitor of javaScript, but Java is a dying programming language. It is open to use for everyone but not Open Source.

Recently Stack Overflow put out a survey to a large group of developers. Again JavaScript hit the top of the list as the most popular programming language.

In this new technology trends, tools, and programming methodologies, the programming language should have to be facilitating, flexible, and reliable in the coding architecture. JavaScript is a futuristic programming language and that’s if the it skills in demand.

Actually javaScript is an all-round programming language. You can do AI, frontend, backend, Mobile app using react-native. Overall, JavaScript established itself as the most flexible and revolutionary programming languages in the following:

  1. Prototype-based inheritance
  2. Function as an object
  3. Closures
  4. Asynchronous event-driven programming
  5. JSON

According to GitHub, JavaScript is the #1 most-used language on Github

Some important positive points of JavaScript to be most popular among developers –

Clint-side Processing:

It executes on the user’s processors instead of the webserver and saves bandwidth and reduces load for the server.

More Functionality of web pages:

By adding third-party add-ons, you can extend the functionality of a web page. Developers’ js snippets can be used in webpages.

Free to use:

You are free to use javascript. It doesn’t require any compiler or editor. It shows and executes using a browser on the client-side.

Easy to debug:

All browsers allow you to debug javascript on their console. It is really easy to debug, which you will understand if you already worked on javascript.

Powerful Framework and Libraries:

There are developing new frameworks and libraries every day. Some popular frameworks in the javascript Node.js, Angular.js, React.js, etc.

Maybe that’s why this it skills in demand.

Now the JavaScript community is developing more and more. These are the reasons why javascript is the most in-demand programming language of the decade.

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