Promote your App using ASO And SEO

Promote your App using ASO And SEO


Cyberspace is bubbling with a plethora of activities, thanks to the technological boom which has reshaped internet architecture. Web developers, mobile app creators and publishers, content developers, and other digital experts are tinkering with the normalcy just to gain more in their promotional strides. Every day, they develop new ideas and techniques on how to create, promote and distribute their mobile apps in the App Stores. Today, competition in cyberspace is tense. With about 4 million Android apps and 3 million iOS Apps, publishing your mobile app is one thing, but getting it noticed by your target audience is entirely a different ball game.

Considering the robust atmosphere of the mobile App marketing terrain, your App promotion must be prolific and creatively designed. Hence, it is best to incorporate highly efficient app ASO and SEO ideas in your mobile app promotion. This might sound cranky. Right? But don’t be confused as to how these two powerful tools can work together. Follow along to the next section in order to see how they work.

How App ASO and SEO relate and why you should combine them

SEO serves as the building block of Site optimization on Google and other web search engines. Mobile app ASO plays this same role in the Mobile App store. However, it’s quite imperative to combine these two strategies if you desire to achieve optimal results. Results from the latest stats have it that Apps are mostly discovered on Google search. With this, Mobile App publishers must understand the nitty-gritty of Google search and employ the necessary SEO strategies for better website ranking and visibility. When your website traffic is poor, your mobile App promotion campaign will suffer because your App will not be visible to the right audiences.

In the same vein, your mobile ASO should be well-handled. The App stores are the search engines for mobile Apps and the optimization is done via ASO. The better your ASO strategies, the better your App ranking and visibility.

Mobile App ASO and SEO should be tailored together when promoting your App. Currently, website and mobile marketing are combined together because most audiences use both devices. To reach more audiences, it is advisable to attract traffic and engagement from both mobile and web users

SEO delivers the Basics in Mobile App promotion

Your mobile App promotion will suffer a quagmire if you fail to incorporate SEO practices. SEO remains the foundation of cyberspace visibility; hence, should never be ignored. Their practices are not conflicting and you should not consider them to be conflicting. Let’s enumerate some core SEO practices that will greatly benefit your mobile ASO optimization and promotion:

  • Keywords optimization, targeting and researching. SEO practices include researching for the right keywords, targeting the right audiences, and optimization. These strategies are very delicate but complex, and they serve as the core of your online visibility. It is often advisable to hire professional SEO consultants.
  • SEO ensures that the name of your mobile App, the App title, URL associated with Keywords and other deliverables are well optimized.
  • User reviews and ratings for Apps are generated via SEO.
  • Link building and deep linking are keys to efficient App promotion.
  • SEO is key in the indexing of Mobile Apps on Search engines.
  • An excellent Click-through rate is necessary. SEO delivers apt CTR optimization.

The Power of a well-optimized website

Your website quality can make or mar your mobile App. This is what many App developers are oblivious about. A website is a potent tool in the ever-competitive digital terrain, as it serves as your portfolio. Potential App users may spend time learning about the App on your website before proceeding to download it. Your download rate can be affected if your website is of poor quality, not responsive, or less informative. To curb this, ensure that your website is rich in personalized content so it can serve as a guide for your visitors, engage them and keep them informed about your Apps.

Including a blog on your website can be quite rewarding. You have the ability to become an authority, your domain authority will increase, more visitors will return, your traffic will soar higher and downloads will certainly increase if your blog’s contents are rich and interactive.

Your content is what will endear your App to users, they will use it again and again if you dish out good content. Make sure your content is deep so your users can give excellent ratings to your App. Reviews and ratings are the variables that validate the quality and credibility of your App.

Perfect keyword optimization and customer conversion rate are core variables that are part of App ranking algorithms.

Ensure topnotch optimization of your App in App Stores

This is a proven technique owing to the fact that Apps are mostly downloaded via App stores. It’s very possible to increase your downloads by boosting your discoverability in the App stores. Meanwhile, all App stores are not the same, so you have to incorporate efficient and powerful ASO and SEO optimization strategies in each App store.

Include a Meta title:

Long titles are not good in SERPs and they are usually truncated. It is best to maintain a short, catchy, and attractive meta title. Your keywords should be included in your meta title. Apps and websites whose major keywords in the meta title rank 10.3% times better than others with no keywords.

Call your target audience to take action by including a unique meta description on your product page. Your meta description should be simple and straightforward. It should carry the benefits, features, and description of the App. Include your Keywords and refine them whenever you update the website page.

Your Apps will rank better when you upgrade and improve their features. New and improved ASO and SEO techniques should always be incorporated whenever the App is upgraded and users should always be updated with the new changes. With these, the Google play store and App store will have no other option than to increase the ranking of your mobile App.

Wrapping up:

It is clear according to the data that Web SEO and Mobile App ASO work in tandem for the good of your mobile App. Meanwhile, you can decide to use any of the two strategies separately, but you will certainly miss out on a whole lot if you don’t combine them. Tap into the power of this wonderful ASO and SEO combo to boost your App visibility efficiently. While SEO will attract web users, ASO will target users of mobile app stores. You will surely boost your mobile App rankings in both the mobile and web landscape by understanding and harnessing these two powerful tools. Thanks for reading!

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