Top dying Programming languages in 2021

These became slower and less industry usage language than now
Top 5 dying Programming languages
Dying programming language

You should know this because it will help you where you going to head with your career. And of course, one programming language doesn’t ultimately matter because when you are making a project, you will be using multiple programming languages.

In this article, we are going to focus on data, analysis, google trends, not my personal opinion. Let’s see what the behaviors of the world are using. That’s why we are going to use the PYPL index instead of the TIOBE index.

Why should use TIOBE?

PYPL is a leading indicator as well as a lagging indicator. It index with the data that how many searches and how many websites uses which languages.

Example — Objective-C programming has over 20 million pages on the web. But while C programming has only 11 million. It explains why Objective-C has a high TIOBE ranking. According to google trends data, Objective-C programming is searched 30 times less than C-programming.

In fact, the use of programming by the TIOBE index is misleading.

If you compare python with javascript, in google trends python is far more popular than javascript, but in youtube video watching comparison javascript taken far better views than python.

Let me propose a question, why there fewer people search on something even that is in high demand?
Actually I don’t have an answer. If you know, let the world know as a response.

So, languages demand is correlated that how many people search for which language.

Let’s get into the top 5 dying programming languages and how can you use that data for a better career —

1. Visual Basic:

Till 2003–2004, there are 100 out of 100 people using visual basic. After that, it got a sharp decline result and became a dying programming language.

2. Perl:

It was very popular in the past, but after 2004 it got a very sharp decline. And also it is a very slow language comparable now. Actually Perl has some cavalier. After that developers noticed and release Perl-6, but it’s not enough capable to hold it’s popularity.

3. Haskell:

It is a statically typed programming language. IN 2020, Haskel scored 39th position out of 50 programming languages. But it is a difficult language and the latest update was 9 years ago. It got a good decline.

4. Ruby:

It is a programming language which graph is more on the decline. It’s not totally dead. Still, some companies use and job still available on the market but it’s not on the trend.

5. Objective-C:

This programming language was on the incline sate on past years but now on downwards trends. It is actually pretty good programming languages. If you are using it, probably stop and go anywhere else because I don’t think they’re a lot of jobs in this language.

Actually, these are some programming language you should not choose or not good for a better career. You can go with any language and nothing never happened with one programming language, you need a programming language with multiple frameworks and more.

Example — If you are an app developer, you will stick with Java or Kotlin for android studio. If you are a web developer you will know javascript, node, and much other frontend stuff and python Django or Flask.

Let’s see some dying programming languages in 2021 in this video —

I am not good with frontend, I am relatively good at backend and machine learning things. Actually I am so weak on flutter, But what you are doing should according to your goal.

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  1. “why there fewer people search on something even that is in high demand?”

    Because people already know about it. We search for information about things we don’t know, I know JS so I would only search for a specific issue that my go to references don’t cover. I don’t know F# or Python, so would tend to do more searches to understand what is being discussed, proposed or requested.

  2. Your comments would carry more weight if you either learned to write English or had someone who does write / speak English proofread and correct them before publishing. I don’t say this maliciously but in the spirit of constructive criticism.

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