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Centocode is looking for writers to contribute some tech-related stories. Also, we are available for the Guest post.

Your article would be paid for by calculating view time, no of views, and click-through rate. This information would be taken from Google Analytics.


Brand Promotion or get a referral: If you want your brand promotes, either you can write a quality article or you could pay us. Anyway, this is the process from our side.

Firstly you have to submit the story through the external form. After publishing one article from you, then you will get access as a contributor and then you can save your article as a draft. Then our editorial team will see your article potential. How much you write articles and how much you give quality content, your position will be higher like a contributor to editor and etc.


  1. Take your time to find a good topic and a good title. Ask yourself that “would this article looking interesting and want to read this article?”
  2. Don’t make your article format weird. Make it simple and easy. And make sure the reader spent some good time on this article.
  3. Your article word count should not less than 300 words.
  4. Check your article Plagiarism or Copy Score. Your article needs to be unique. To check this you can use tools like Copyscape, Grammarly, SmallSeo etc.
  5. Capitalize the start of every sentence and also give good structure, punctuation, spelling.
  6. Make sure your grammar is good. If you don’t have enough confidence, run your article through some grammar checking tool like Grammarly.
  7. Use at least one image.
  8. Don’t use Imoji or gif more than once.
  9. Don’t ask the user to follow or something like this which refers to your personal things.
  10. Make your code formate like:
code is here!

Remember! Your article will be cross-checked and we can make some simple changes if necessary. If it needed many changes then your article would have to review yourself. You would get a simple ping to your mail address.

  • The submitted article would be taken or not, it would completely our decision. If we take your article or not, every time you will get an email ping.

Submit Article to Centocode using this form link; SUBMIT FORM

Submit an article to Medium: To submit an article to our medium publication, just sent me your username(ex. @centocode) to our Twitter handle. We’ll add you as an author, then you can submit an article from your medium dashboard.

We will listen to you back within 3 days, if we are not responding, then you can leave a message on Twitter or Contact Us.

Stay blessed and feel Empowering.